Hospital Infections and other patient injuries due to Hospital Negligence or Malpractice seriously injure or kill thousands of patients every year in hospitals and surgical centers across the country. These types of malpractice cases are frequently litigated by our Philadelphia Hospital Negligence/ Hospital Infection Lawyers.

Hospital Infections

Philadelphia Hospital Negligence lawyersA patient who has been admitted to a hospital or medical center may already be in a fragile state and more vulnerable to developing an infection. Someone in this compromised condition is also far more likely to suffer prolonged and debilitating effects from a contracted infection.

Invasive infections such as Streptococcal (Strep) and Staphylococci (Staph) all too frequently occur in hospital settings when bacteria get into a patient’s blood stream through sores or other breaks in the skin. At least one study has shown that nearly 85 percent of invasive infections contracted in the U.S. are developed during medical treatment or stays in hospitals, surgery centers, and similar facilities.

Here are some of the many examples of hospital negligence that may result in one of these serious and often life-threatening infections:

  • unsanitary conditions, unsanitary hospital procedures, failed efforts at sterilization, and inadequate staff hygiene
  • inadequate protocols for hygiene and sterilization or inadequate enforcement of protocols
  • negligent use and monitoring of catheters and IVs, and tubes and other instruments to draw blood or dispense medication
  • negligent care leading to bed sores and negligent treatment of skin sores and other skin conditions
  • negligent performance of dialysis treatments
  • negligence during surgical procedures and unsanitary surgical conditions

Other Hospital Negligence

Philadelphia Hospital Infection LawyersA large number of patient injuries (in addition to those related to dangerous infections) are caused by the medical negligence of doctors, physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, nurse’s aides, technicians, and other hospital staff. They may also be caused by the direct negligence of the hospital itself. The following are examples of medical negligence that can lead to these injuries:

  • medication errors
  • anesthesia errors and surgical mistakes (including mistakes in the identification of patients and of patient injuries)
  • negligent maintenance of equipment
  • negligent care in child delivery rooms
  • inadequate staffing and/ or inadequate training and supervision of staff
  • negligence in ordering tests and in interpreting test results
  • inadequate protocols, negligent record-keeping, and errors in communication among doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff

Philadelphia Hospital Negligence / Hospital Infection Attorneys

Philadelphia Hospital Negligence LawyersNurses, doctors, medical staff, hospitals, and other medical centers can all be found legally responsible in Medical Malpractice lawsuits for patient infections and other injuries caused by their negligence. Feldman & Pinto’s Philadelphia Hospital Negligence/ Hospital Infection Lawyers have fought for the rights of patients who were injured or killed due to Hospital Infections and Hospital Negligence since the firm’s 1994 inception.

Our lawyers have the experience, knowledge, resources, and focused dedication to successfully litigate these lawsuits. If you believe you were injured due to a negligently caused hospital infection or other hospital negligence, contact our Philadelphia malpractice attorneys today for a free consultation about your case.

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