Philadelphia nursing home injury lawyers offer representation to nursing home residents injured by negligent or abusive care, and the families of those who have died from such injuries. Injuries and deaths due to nursing home neglect and abuse occur all too frequently despite state and federal regulations designed to prevent these occurrences.

Nursing homes and their employees can be liable for abuse or neglect that contributes to a patient’s injury or death. Physical, sexual, or mental abuse and neglect may lead to liability of nursing homes, and / or facility doctors, nurses, CNAs, and other staff.

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Lawsuits

Philadelphia Nursing Home Injury LawyersPhiladelphia nursing home injury lawyers frequently handle cases involving resident injury and wrongful death due to:

  • incompetent nursing home staff
  • understaffing to cut costs
  • inadequate supervision of residents
  • poor security
  • intentional physical and sexual abuse, including abuse by other residents
  • negligent medical care
  • negligent maintenance of facilities

Negligent or Abusive Care by Incompetent Staff

Nursing homes have a duty to exercise due care in the hiring and training of nursing home staff. If an inadequately screened or trained staff member negligently or intentionally causes injury to a resident, the nursing home as well as the staff member can be directly liable for the resident’s injury or death. Even when staff members have been adequately screened and trained, a nursing home may still be held indirectly liable for injuries caused by an employee’s negligence.

Some of the many injuries that may result from incompetent and / or negligent nursing home staff include:

  • fNursing Home Injuriesalls, burns, and other injuries due to inadequate supervision or monitoring of residents with dementia or other disabilities
  • malnutrition and dehydration due to neglect
  • exposure and other injuries occurring when residents wander from facilities due to negligent enforcement of security measures
  • injury or death due to failure to respond to alarms and call buttons
  • bed sores caused by failing to reposition patients with mobility limitations and / or provide adequate fluids and nutrition

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