Mistakes by emergency room doctors and other ER staff are considered Emergency Room Negligence or Malpractice if the care or treatment that results in a patient’s injury falls below the accepted standard of emergency room care. Our Philadelphia Emergency Room (ER) Negligence Lawyers understand that patients are entitled to reasonable and competent medical care from emergency room healthcare professionals despite the busy and crowded environment of the average emergency room.

Emergency Room Heart AttackAccording to a study conducted by The Doctors Company, negligent errors in diagnosis are the most common type of emergency room negligence. ER physicians may fail to diagnose a heart attack by neglecting to order an EKG, misinterpreting an EKG, or failing to understand and recognize the great diversity of signs and symptoms indicative of a heart attack. Brain injuries, cancer, stroke, internal bleeding, and meningitis are other conditions often missed by emergency room doctors.

When the doctor’s failed diagnosis results from negligent or substandard care, the patient may have a claim for Medical Malpractice against the responsible medical personnel and the medical facility itself.

Feldman & Pinto’s Philadelphia Emergency Room (ER) Negligence Lawyers also have the experience and resources to handle cases involving other types of emergency room negligence.

Here are some of the many additional examples of emergency room negligence that cause patient injuries and deaths:

  • Rushed treatment, or delayed treatment following long wait
  • Rushed or otherwise negligent discharge of patient, or discharge of patient with incomplete or otherwise inadequate instructions
  • Failure to take thorough medical history, carefully listen to patient’s complaints, or ask for complete list of patient’s medications
  • Failure to prescribe or administer needed medications
  • Failure to order indicated tests, or misinterpretation of test results
  • Failure to monitor patient
  • Failure to consult needed specialists
  • Understaffing and/ or untrained staff, or staff without needed expertise
  • Inadequate institution of and compliance with protocols, including triage protocols
  • Unsanitary conditions

Emergency Room Malpractice

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