Our drug injury lawyers sue companies that have caused personal injuries and wrongful deaths due to:

  • defective and dangerous drugs (pharmaceuticals)
  • defective medical devices, and
  • other related defective products

Feldman & Pinto has obtained millions in settlements and verdicts for clients injured by defective drugs, medical devices, and related products. Our personal injury lawyers have what it takes to successfully handle these cases, including:

  • extensive experience with medical device and drug injury cases
  • an in-depth knowledge of products liability law
  • a deep understanding of relevant science and medicine, and
  • the resources required to undertake these difficult and often lengthy legal actions

Drug Company Profits and the FDA

Drug companies are among the world’s most profitable industries. In order to ensure profitability, these companies add new drugs to the market on a regular basis. In many cases, these drugs enter the market without adequate testing to protect the public’s safety. To make matters worse, the FDA (the governmental agency responsible for overseeing warnings on drugs) is understaffed and ineffective in protecting consumers from dangerous drugs.

The FDA relies too heavily on drug companies in regulating these products. Much of the FDA’s funding comes from fees charged to drug companies rather than from the government. In 2006, the FDA took in $380 million in user fees. This created a conflict of interest between the drug companies and the public’s safety.

Additional concerns stem from the fact that the FDA bases its approval of many drugs on science provided by individuals and organizations that have financial relationships with drug companies. The FDA also relies on drug companies to report adverse reactions to their own products. This makes the industry essentially self-regulated. The wholly unacceptable result is exposure of American consumers to dangerous and defective drugs with life-altering and deadly side effects.

Drug Injury Lawyers

Feldman & Pinto’s drug injury lawyers are currently evaluating cases involving injuries and wrongful deaths caused by many dangerous and defective drugs and medical devices. Some (but not all) of the cases we are currently evaluating include:

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Since Feldman & Pinto's inception in 1994, our drug injury attorneys have dedicated their practice to achieving justice for people who suffered injury or wrongful death from use of dangerous drugs and medical devices and other defective products. If you have been injured or one of your loved ones has died in this manner, please contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled and experienced personal injury lawyers.
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