For more than 20 years, Feldman & Pinto’s Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyers / Medical Mistakes Attorneys have helped:

  • clients who were injured by medical negligence, mistake, error, or malpractice, and
  • the families of people who suffered wrongful death in this manner

Each one of our attorneys has achieved significant success in fighting for the rights of people who have died (wrongful death) or been injured due to inadequate medical care by doctors, nurses, other health care professionals, clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals.

We have the resources, in-depth knowledge of medicine and malpractice law, and fierce dedication to achieve a just and satisfactory result for you and your family.

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Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyers / Medical Mistakes Guide

The following guide provides useful information about how to go about choosing a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers, what your attorney will need to establish in order to win your case, and many of the types of Philadelphia medical malpractice cases Feldman & Pinto’s Medical Negligence Lawyers routinely handle.

Hiring Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Hiring a Philadelphia Medical Malpractice LawyerOne of the most important considerations in your decision to hire Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyers is finding a lawyer or team of lawyers you can trust and who have the experience and knowledge necessary to litigate these complicated cases. Our experienced and knowledgeable Medical Negligence Attorneys will meet with you, free of charge, to discuss your case and advise you on your best course of action. Learn more: Hiring a Medical Malpractice Attorney »

Proving your Medical Negligence Case

Proving Medical Malpractice in PhiladelphiaKnowing what your lawyer will need to prove in order to win your medical malpractice case and achieve the justice you deserve will help you feel more comfortable with the legal process.

It will also enable you to more easily formulate questions for your attorney along the way. Learn more: Proving Your Medical Negligence Case »

Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations

Medical Malpractice Limitations Statute PhiladelphiaA person who has been injured by medical malpractice is required to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the responsible parties within a time period specified in the law.

This time limitation on filing a medical malpractice claim is described in the state’s Medical Malpractice Limitations Statute (also called the Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations). Learn more: Medical Malpractice Limitations Statute – Philadelphia

Medical Diagnosis Error (Malpractice)

Medical Diagnosis Error LawyersMany of the injuries suffered by our clients occurred as a result of a doctor’s mistaken diagnosis of the patient’s illness or disease and could have been prevented with adequate medical care.

A doctor’s misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can lead to the doctor’s liability in a medical negligence or wrongful death legal action. Learn more: Diagnosis Error Lawyers »

Negligent Medical Treatment

Negligent Medical Treatment LawyersEven when a doctor correctly diagnoses a patient’s disease, the doctor may still cause injury or wrongful death to the patient by carelessly (negligently) treating the illness.

Doctors may be held legally responsible for additional injury, illness, or wrongful death caused to a patient by the doctor’s sub-standard treatment. Learn more: Negligent Medical Treatment Lawyers »

Medication Mistake Lawyers

Medication Mistake LawyerNegligent mistakes in the prescription or administration of medications (drugs) can also cause severe injuries or wrongful death to a patient.

Nurses who make errors when giving patients their medications or doctors who carelessly prescribe drugs that will cause a patient harm can be held liable for the damages suffered by the patient as a result of these medication mistakes. Learn more: Medication Mistake Lawyers »

Hospital Negligence and Hospital Infections

Hospital Negligence LawyersNegligent care by hospital doctors, nurses, and other hospital employees and by the hospitals that employ them cause a large number of serious and sometimes deadly infections and other injuries to patients.

The hospitals as well as the negligent health care professionals who contribute to these injuries and wrongful deaths may be ordered to pay damages to patients or their surviving family members. Learn more: Philadelphia Hospital Negligence Lawyers »

Philadelphia Nursing Home Injury Lawyers

Philadelphia Nursing Home Injury LawyersPhiladelphia nursing home injury lawyers offer representation to nursing home residents injured by negligent or abusive care, and the families of those who have died from such injuries.

Injuries and deaths due to nursing home neglect and abuse occur all too frequently despite state and federal regulations designed to prevent these occurrences. Learn more: Philadelphia Nursing Home Injury Lawyers »

Philadelphia Surgery Mistake Lawyers

Philadelphia Surgery Mistake LawyersMedical mistakes made before, during, and after surgery can cost patients their lives or cause them serious and irreversible harm.

Many of these surgery mistakes lead to the legal liability of the hospital, surgical center, and/ or medical professionals whose negligence caused a patient’s injury or wrongful death. Learn more: Surgery Mistake Lawyers »

Morcellation Surgery Malpractice Lawyers

Philadelphia Morcellation Malpractice LawyersOur Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyers handle cases involving injuries and wrongful death caused by the negligent use of Power Morcellators in certain types of gynecological surgery.

A doctor who negligently orders and/or performs Morcellation Surgery for a woman’s hysterectomy or removal of uterine fibroids may be required to pay damages for the woman’s uterine cancer spread or injuries to internal organs caused by the procedure. Learn more: Morcellation Malpractice Lawyers »

Unnecessary Surgery Lawyers

philadelphia unnecessary surgery lawyersOur Philadelphia Unnecessary Surgery Attorneys sue doctors who negligently order and perform unneeded operations on patients that lead to the patients’ injury or wrongful death.

If you have reason to believe that you were injured by the performance of surgery you did not need, we can help you obtain the justice you deserve. Learn more: Philadelphia Unnecessary Surgery Lawyers »

Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia Error LawyersBeing put under anesthesia is one of the most dangerous parts of surgery. Anesthesia errors can cause brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and paralysis, many other serious injuries, and death.

Anesthesiologists, anesthesia teams, surgical centers, and hospitals can be held responsible for injuries and wrongful deaths caused in this manner. Learn more: Philadelphia Anesthesia Error Lawyers »

Emergency Room Negligence

Philadelphia Emergency Room Negligence LawyersDespite the chaotic atmosphere of most emergency rooms (ERs), emergency room doctors and other ER personnel are required to provide competent and adequate care to all ER patients.

Doctors and other ER medical professionals who cause a patient’s injury or wrongful death through negligent or less than standard emergency room care can be held liable for damages to the patient or the patient’s family in a medical malpractice legal action. Learn more: Emergency Room Negligence »

Intensive Care Malpractice

Intensive Care Unit Medical Mistake LawyersIntensive Care Units (ICUs) provide care to patients who may be in critical or serious condition.

ICU doctors and nurses must closely monitor a patient’s condition, recovery, and any developing complications and may be held legally accountable for patient injuries or wrongful deaths caused by inadequate ICU care. Learn more: Philadelphia Intensive Care Malpractice Lawyers »

Philadelphia Childbirth Malpractice Lawyers

Baby Delivery and Labor Malpractice LawyersSerious childbirth injuries and newborn deaths may occur when labor and delivery doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other obstetric professionals provide negligent labor and delivery care to a mother or her fetus (baby).

Negligent healthcare personnel may be ordered to pay damages in a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawsuit for injuries or wrongful death caused to a mother and / or her child. Learn more: Philadelphia Childbirth Malpractice Lawyers »

Negligent Prenatal Care (Birth Injury)

Prenatal MalpracticeChildbirth Injuries and wrongful death as well as Birth Defects may also be caused by incompetent medical care during a woman’s pregnancy.

When negligent prenatal care results in a child’s birth injury or defect, the doctors, nurses, other clinic staff, and/or clinic that provided the sub-standard care to the woman and her developing fetus may be held liable for the child’s injury or birth defect in a medical negligence action. Learn more: Negligent Prenatal Care Lawyers »

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