Our Pennsylvania Opioid litigation lawyers offer opioid litigation representation to the following parties burdened by excess costs due to the opioid epidemic:

We no longer offer representation to individuals who suffer from opioid addiction and its life-altering effects after use of prescription opioids.

Opioid abuse and addiction has brought devastation to individuals and communities from one end of the country to the other. The United States is in the throes of an unprecedented crisis that appears to promise no foreseeable end.

Feldman & Pinto, P.C., is dedicated to fighting the opioid epidemic and to holding the prescription opioid manufacturers, marketers, and distributors that are responsible for this crisis accountable through legal action.

Opioids and Opioid Addiction

Opioids and Opioid Addiction

Opioids are a class of drugs that act on a user’s nervous system to bring pain relief. Opioids attach to opioid receptors (nerve cells) in a user’s brain. The human opioid system has three opioid receptors—mu, delta, and kappa—which control not only pain but also reward and addiction. Prescription opioid use can cause swift and dangerous addiction and consequent abuse.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 115 U.S. citizens die every day from opioid overdoses. Many more continue to suffer the catastrophic effects of growing opioid dependency that too often began with physician prescribed opioid pain killers illegally marketed by manufacturers. Rampant opioid addiction within communities across the nation has also inflicted exorbitant costs on governmental entities, hospitals, third-party payors, and others.

Opioid Litigation

Producers, marketers, and distributors of prescription opioid medications can be liable for individual and other damages caused by prescription opioid addiction and abuse.

Feldman & Pinto’s Pennsylvania opioid litigation lawyers
accept the following categories of opioid litigation:

Opioid Government Litigation

Opioids Government LitigationGovernmental entities, including counties, states, townships, and others, may be entitled to compensation from prescription opioid producers and marketers for excess costs incurred as a result of opioid abuse and addiction within their jurisdiction. To learn more about opioid government litigation, see Pennsylvania Opioid Government Litigation Lawyers.

Opioid Hospital Litigation

Opioids Hospital Litigation LawyersHospitals in Pennsylvania and across the country are experiencing proliferating costs due to opioid-addicted patients. These entities may be entitled to compensation from opioid prescription manufacturers and marketers responsible for the opioid crisis. To learn more about opioid hospital litigation, see Pennsylvania Opioid Hospital Litigation Lawyers.

Opioid Labor Union Litigation

Opioids Trade Unions Litigation LawyersLabor unions suffer increased costs as third-party payors for opioid-addicted members. Labor unions may be entitled to compensation from pharmaceutical companies that produce and market prescription opioids. To learn more about opioid labor union litigation, see Pennsylvania Opioid Labor Union Litigation Lawyers.

Opioid Insurance Company Litigation

Opioids Insurance Company LitigationOpioid-addicted individuals have burdened insurers with increased costs for healthcare, liability, and other coverage. Insurance companies, as third-party payors, may be entitled to compensation from prescription opioid producers responsible for opioid addiction and abuse. To learn more about opioid insurance company litigation, see Pennsylvania Opioid Insurance Company Litigation Lawyers.

Opioid Individual Litigation

Philadelphia Opioid Addiction LawyersWe no longer handle cases on behalf of individuals who have become addicted to opioids after use of prescription opioid pain medications.

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Feldman & Pinto, P.C., is a Philadelphia based personal injury firm concentrating their practice in pharmaceutical litigation and medical malpractice. We are part of a team of lawyers engaged in a fight to compensate governmental entities, hospitals, labor unions, and insurance companies for costs incurred as a result of the opioid epidemic—and individuals personally injured by opioid addiction. Please contact our Pennsylvania Opioid Litigation Lawyers to discuss the possibility of commencing opioid litigation.