Our Philadelphia Zimmer hip replacement / implant lawyers are evaluating cases involving injuries from certain hip replacement implant / prothesis devices manufactured by Zimmer-Biomet, Inc. The Zimmer ML Taper and the Zimmer ML Taper with Kinectiv Technology when used with a Zimmer VerSys Femoral Head can result in dangerous complications, including:

  • metallosis
  • adverse local tissue reaction (ALTR)
  • bone loss and / or fracture
  • pseudo tumors (tumor-like growths)
  • severe pain, inflammation, swelling
  • dislocation of hip implant / prosthesis
  • loosening of hip implant / prosthesis
  • need for revision surgery
  • death

Blood Poisoning / Metallosis

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has released a statement describing some of the complications associated with hip replacement devices that employ metal on metal components. Use of a Zimmer ML Taper or ML Taper with Kinectiv Technology (with a Zimmer VerSys Femoral Head) in hip replacement surgery can lead to a type of blood poisoning known as metallosis. When the metal components of these medical devices rub against each other, they can fret or corrode and release metal debris (chromium and cobalt) inside the patient’s body. The resulting metallosis can cause serious complications, including heart and nervous system damage, cognitive issues, and vision loss.

Adverse Local Tissue Reaction (ALTR)

According to the FDA, metal particles released by hip replacement implants with metal on metal components can also cause bone and tissue damage known as adverse local tissue reaction (ALTR). The tissue damage and / or necrosis (death) may lead to loosening and failure of the hip replacement device and the need for revision surgery to correct the problem.

hip injury lawyersZimmer Hip Implant / Prothesis Recall

On June 8, 2015, the FDA announced a recall of 752 Zimmer ML Taper with Kinectiv Technology hip prothesis implants due to:

  • “higher than allowed cytotoxicity levels found within the product,” and
  • “reasonable probability of adverse biological response and subsequent revision”

Zimmer Hip Implant / Replacement Lawsuits

Lawsuits instituted by Philadelphia Zimmer hip replacement / implant lawyers may allege that Biomet, Inc., the manufacturer of Zimmer ML Taper, Zimmer ML Taper with Kinectiv Technology, and the Zimmer VerSys Femoral Head:

  • designed and produced defective and unreasonably dangerous hip replacement protheses / implants
  • conducted insufficient testing of Zimmer hip replacement implant devices
  • was aware of or should have been aware of the serious complications associated with these hip replacement medical devices
  • failed to adequately warn physicians and the public of the dangerous side effects / injuries that can result from use of these devices
  • caused serious injury or death to patients who have received Zimmer ML Taper or Zimmer ML Taper with Kinectiv Technology with a Zimmer VerSys Femoral Head hip replacement implants

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