The autism drug Risperdal can cause extreme weight gain and diabetes.

Risperdal is often prescribed to control autistic children’s irritable and aggressive behavior.

A court may order the company that made the autism drug, Risperdal, to compensate an autistic child if the child gained a lot of weight and developed diabetes after using the drug.

Risperdal may also cause boys to grow very large breasts (Gynecomastia). Our personal injury lawyers also sue the company that made Risperdal for this side effect. You can learn more about this Risperdal side effect here.

How Risperdal Can Cause Extreme Weight Gain and Diabetes

Risperdal weight gainChildren with autism who take Risperdal may feel hungry all day long. A child who constantly eats can become dangerously overweight (fat or obese) within a short time.

Some children who took an autism drug gained 15 percent of their starting weight in only 24 weeks. This could amount to more than 6 pounds for a child who only weighed 42 pounds to begin with. (Forty-two pounds is the average weight of a 6 year old child in the U.S.)

When a child gains an unhealthy amount of weight, the child has a much greater chance of getting diabetes. Some people call diabetes:

  • high blood sugar
  • high blood sugar disease
  • high sugar disease
  • high sugar
  • da suga, or
  • dasuga

If a child already has diabetes, Risperdal can make the child’s diabetes even worse.

A 2013 study showed that children who take autism drugs are 3 times more likely to get diabetes than children who do not take these drugs.

Diabetes is a terrible disease that parents need to take very seriously.

risperdal weight gainDiabetes can cause:

  • very serious heart problems, including a heart attack
  • strokes
  • painful nerve damage
  • eye diseases
  • eye pain
  • blindness
  • kidney disease
  • liver disease
  • loss of a foot or leg (amputations)
  • dangerous and painful infections
  • coma, and
  • wrongful death


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