Learning that your child has autism can be terribly stressful. To make matters worse, some of the treatments intended to help your child can also cause your child harm. The autism drug Risperdal is one of those treatments. This drug can cause a child’s diabetes or abnormal breasts.

Doctors give Risperdal to autistic children to help control their moody and sometimes hostile behavior. But the drug can have some dangerous side effects. Boys who take Risperdal can develop very large “female” breasts. Both girls and boys can gain unhealthy amounts of weight and become diabetic.

A doctor who orders Risperdal for a child should try to protect the child from these dangerous side effects. This is part of a doctor’s duty to a patient. If the doctor does not take care to prevent these side effects, the doctor may be found legally responsible in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The court may then order the doctor to pay money to the child to compensate for the injuries caused by Risperdal. A court may also order the company that makes Risperdal to compensate the child.

If Risperdal caused your child’s diabetes or abnormal breasts, the lawyers at Feldman & Pinto may be able to help you obtain the compensation you and your child deserve. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation about your case.

Feldman & Pinto Autism Information Guide

Autism Risperdal Diabetes Gynecomastia Guide

When a doctor diagnoses your child with autism spectrum disorder, you will want to learn as much as you can about autism and the help that is available for your child. This guide contains easy to understand information about autism. It also contains links to other resources that can help you.

Autism Definitions and Causes

Autism is a word used to describe different types of problems related to a child’s brain development. Scientists are still unsure about the causes of autism, but they have several theories. They believe a combination of factors may cause a child to become autistic. Learn more »

Autism Symptoms

All autistic children are different. But every autistic person has a number of symptoms in common. Knowing which symptoms are likely to occur at certain ages can help you watch for signs of autism in your child. Learn more »

Autism Diagnosis

The earlier a doctor diagnoses your child’s autism, the sooner you can seek help for your child. A doctor will look at many factors to determine if your child is autistic. If you think your child may be autistic, you can ask your doctor to test your child for autism. Learn more »

Autism Treatments

Several types of treatments are available to help your autistic child. Some of these treatments can help your child learn. They can also help your child perform everyday tasks that can be challenging for autistic children. Some treatments involve the use of drugs to control behavior. These drugs can also have harmful side effects. Learn more »

Risperdal Can Cause “Female” Breasts in Boys

Doctors often prescribe Risperdal to treat behavior problems in autistic children. But this drug can also cause boys and young men to grow female-like breasts. Learn more »

Risperdal Can Cause Extreme Weight Gain and Diabetes

Risperdal can also cause very serious weight gain and diabetes in boys or girls. This side effect can be extremely dangerous to a child’s health. Learn more »

Additional Autism Resources

If you have a child on the autism spectrum, you will want to talk to people who know what you are going through. You will also want reliable sources of information to help answer the many questions you will have. We have listed some of the resources that may be most beneficial to you. Learn more »

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