The Philadelphia drug injury lawyers at Feldman & Pinto are evaluating Fosamax drug injury cases from people injured by dangerous side effects of Fosamax.

Fosamax is a bisphosphonate drug made by Merck and used to treat osteoporosis.

Merck claimed that Fosamax would strengthen users’ bones. In contrast to Merck’s claims, long term use of Fosamax is linked to an increased risk of:

  • further weakening of bones
  • femoral fractures
  • osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ)
  • esophageal cancer
  • irregular heartbeat, and
  • joint and muscle pain

By 2006, medical literature cited Fosamax as being associated with ONJ. In 2008, the FDA issued an alert warning of the risk of serious bone joint and muscle pain associated with bisphosphonates such as Fosamax.

In 2010, the New England Journal of Medicine noted that women who took Fosamax for long time periods suffered an unusually high rate of femur fractures. Later in 2010, the FDA revised the warning label for Fosamax to include the risk of atypical:

  • subtrochanteric femur fractures, and
  • diaphyseal femur fractures

In 2013, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study that concluded that use of Fosamax-type drugs almost triples the risk of femur fractures in patients who took the drug for more than 5 years.

Fosamax drug injury lawsuits brought against the drug maker allege that Merck:

  • made a dangerous and defective drug
  • knew about the risks associated with Fosamax, and
  • failed to adequately warn doctors and consumers of these risks

Thousands of users have already filed Fosamax drug injury lawsuits against Merck.

The Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Feldman & Pinto also commence law suits against doctors who cause Fosamax injuries through medical malpractice. Doctors are duty bound to oversee their patients’ reactions to drugs such as Fosamax. Physicians who neglect this duty can be liable for patients’ drug injuries in medical negligence actions.

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