The Philadelphia drug injury lawyers at Feldman & Pinto are evaluating Actos drug injury cases from people who have suffered Actos side effect injuries.

Actos is a Type-2 Diabetes drug manufactured by Ely Lilly and Takeda. Actos use is linked to serious bladder cancers and congestive heart failure. At least one study reports that patients who take Actos for one year or longer may have as much as a 40 percent increased risk of bladder cancer.

European authorities and the FDA have been concerned about the link between Actos and bladder cancer almost from the drug’s introduction to the market in 1999. The FDA ordered a ten year study of the association between Actos and bladder cancer in 2002.

In 2011, the FDA required a “black box” warning on Actos packaging regarding the increased risk of bladder cancer caused by Actos. The FDA also required a black box warning regarding the increased risk of congestive heart failure from Actos.

Thousands of Actos users have already filed lawsuits against the manufacturers, alleging that the companies:

  • produced a dangerous and defective drug
  • knew that Actos caused an increased risk of bladder cancer, congestive heart failure, and other injuries
  • failed to adequately warn doctors and the public of these risks, and
  • intentionally hid information from testing and research regarding Actos’s safety risks

Actos drug injury lawsuits seek damages for fatal and non-fatal injuries caused by this dangerous drug. A large number of plaintiffs have already filed Actos lawsuits against Ely Lilly and Takeda. Takeda settled approximately 9,000 of these legal actions for $2.37 billion, in 2015.

A doctor who does not exercise reasonable care to watch a patient for Actos side effects can also be liable for injuries caused to the patient by this drug. Our Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyers sue medical providers responsible for patients’ Actos injuries.

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