The Philadelphia Catastrophic Injury Lawyers / Attorneys at Feldman & Pinto handle cases involving injuries that cause long-term or permanent disabilities requiring extensive and very costly continuing care, including:

Catastrophic injuries are “debilitating” injuries that interfere with a victim’s ability to function in everyday life. A person who sustains a catastrophic injury may be unable to continue in her former career or job. In some cases, catastrophically injured people may never work again. They may also need:

  • multiple surgeries
  • lengthy recuperation
  • long-term or permanent in-home care
  • multiple forms of therapy
  • continuing medical care
  • continuing use of medications
  • adaptive home improvements
  • specialized transportation

Personal injury cases filed by Philadelphia Catastrophic Injury Lawyers / Attorneys require:

  • in-depth investigations
  • complex medical evidence
  • complicated damages calculations
  • teams of medical, economic, and other experts

A large number of catastrophic injuries result from someone’s negligence and toxic drugs / medications and medical devices. The Catastrophic Injury Lawyers / Attorneys at the Philadelphia law firm of Feldman & Pinto have what it takes to manage these complex injury cases.

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