Testimony by former FDA commissioner David Kessler favored the plaintiff in a Philadelphia state court Xarelto trial that commenced November 6, 2017. On November 14, Kessler opined that the warning labels for the blood thinner Xarelto gave insufficient information to physicians and consumers about Xarelto’s bleeding dangers. Specifically, Kessler stated that the labels:

  • failed to provide doctors and patients with adequate warning of the dangers of significant bleeding with Xarelto
  • failed to apprise physicians that some patients are at greater risk than others of these bleeds
  • failed to notify physicians that patients using Xarelto experienced a far greater than normal rate of adverse bleeding events

Lynn Hartman v. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., et al, case no. 160503416, Phila Ct of Common Pleas, is the first of over 1500 Xarelto bleeding injury trials scheduled for trial in Philadelphia. Hartman, whose Xarelto use caused serious gastrointestinal bleeding requiring two transfusions, is represented by five attorneys, including Laura Feldman of Feldman & Pinto.