The Philadelphia drug injury lawyers at Feldman & Pinto are evaluating Prilosec drug injury lawsuits from people injured by Prilosec side effects.

Prilosec is an over the counter Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) drug made by Astra Zeneca and used to treat heartburn and acid reflux disease.

Prilosec use is linked to an increased risk of:

Prilosec drug injury lawsuits brought against Astra Zeneca allege that the company:

  • knew that Prilosec raised the risk of kidney damage and other dangerous side effects, and
  • did not adequately warn doctors and consumers of these risks

Prilosec and Kidney Injury

An April 2016 JAMA article reported a study that showed a 20 to 50 percent increased risk of CKD in people who used PPIs. The study showed that the risk was greater the longer someone used the drugs. This was also true of people who took PPIs more often. Learn more about Kidney Injuries »

Prilosec and Heart Attack

In June 2015, PLOS One published an article stating that Prilosec caused up to a 21 percent increased risk of heart attack. This was true even in patients without a history of heart disease. An earlier 2013 study also showed a link between Prilosec and other PPI use and a greater risk of heart problems.

Prilosec and other PPIs have also been linked to an increased risk of brain function loss, or hepatic encephalopathy (HE). HE can result from the excess of gut bacteria associated with Prilosec and other PPIs.

Prilosec drug injury lawsuits commenced against Astra Zeneca request damages for patients’ serious injuries or death caused by Prilosec.

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Feldman & Pinto Medical Malpractice Attorneys also obtain compensation from doctors who cause patients’ injuries or deaths from Prilosec use. Doctors have knowledge of the renal injuries and other serious side effects that Prilosec users can sustain.

Medical negligence law imposes a duty on doctors to take reasonable care to:

  • avoid prescribing Prilosec for patients who are more likely than most to suffer injuries from Prilosec use
  • warn patients of the dangers of Prilosec use
  • test patients for kidney injuries that may occur with Prilosec use, and
  • watch for symptoms and signs of other Prilosec injuries in patients known to be using Prilosec

Doctors who fail in these important duties can be legally responsible for damages suffered by their patients who take Prilosec.

You may be entitled to money damages if you suffered personal injuries after use of Prilosec. Please contact us to learn more about filing a Prilosec drug injury lawsuit. Our personal injury lawyers can help you obtain the compensation and justice you deserve.