FDA Fatal Injury Reports
Pulmonary Embolism Reports
Deep Vein Thrombosis Reports

The FDA has received reports of over 100,000 injuries—including those from pulmonary embolisms and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) noted above—and at least 100 deaths from use of Yaz and Yasmin.

As a result of these reports, the FDA required Bayer to make the risks of Yaz and Yasmin use known through their advertisements and to update their labels to address these risks. Despite the new warning requirements required of Bayer by the FDA, experts suspect that many Yaz and Yasmin users are still unaware of the dangers they face from using these toxic medications.

Women across the country have filed lawsuits against Bayer, alleging that they have suffered serious injuries from use of Yaz and Yasmin due to Bayer’s failure to provide adequate warnings of the drugs’ dangers. Bayer has settled and is still engaged in settling thousands of lawsuits brought by injured plaintiffs.

Has Bayer Recalled Yaz and Yasmin?

Despite the insistence by many critics that Bayer recall Yaz and Yasmin, Bayer has not issued a recall of these unsafe birth control pills. The synthetic form of progestin (drospirenone) used in Yaz and Yasmin can lead to dangerously high levels of potassium in a user’s blood. This, in turn, increases a user’s risk of blood clot injuries such as pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, and stroke.

Bayer has settled at least 9,000 lawsuits brought by women who suffered blood clot injuries from use of Yaz and Yasmin at an average value of more than $200,000 per case. Bayer has also had to pledge funds to compensate additional Yaz and Yasmin victims. Until these dangerous pharmaceuticals are recalled, however, more and more women may be severely or fatally injured.

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