Bayer, the manufacturer of Yaz and Yasmin, has both a moral and legal obligation to produce reasonably safe products with warnings that clearly and adequately alert physicians and consumers to potential drug side effects. Drug injury lawyers representing plaintiffs in lawsuits against Bayer can demonstrate that Bayer neglected to provide adequate warnings of the increased risk of serious injuries in users of Yaz and Yasmin. They can also show that Bayer failed to warn that Yaz and Yasmin can be more dangerous than other birth control medications.

Plaintiffs injured by Yaz and Yasmin have also alleged that Bayer misrepresented the efficacy of Yaz and Yasmin for treatment of acne and severe PMS (PMDD) and over promoted Yaz and Yasmin for these uses, despite Bayer’s knowledge that the risks of using these drugs outweighed any potential benefits.

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