Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) can begin with relatively mild symptoms and quickly deteriorate into a catastrophic condition. Children may experience a headache, sore throat, and fever at the start of SJS and within days, or even minutes, develop blisters, skin lesions, and a respiratory infection. SJS usually affects the mucous membranes in a patient’s mouth and throat. It will also cause the patient’s eyelids to swell and lead to blindness and damage of internal organs.

SJS causes a patient’s skin to burn and peel off in sheets, necessitating treatment in an ICU or burn center. Between 5 and 15 percent of SJS victims die from the disorder. Knowledge of SJS’s early symptoms and immediate medical attention are the most effective way to reduce the damage that can result from SJS.

Treating your Child’s Fever with Children’s Motrin can Quickly Lead to a Disastrous Case of SJS

From as early as the 1970s, Children’s Motrin and other Ibuprofen containing drugs have been linked to SJS. Knowing of this dangerous side effect, makers of these products continued to produce and market them without providing any warning to consumers or physicians. The situation became even more dangerous in 1995, when drug makers were allowed to sell these products over the counter (without a prescription), making them easily available to millions of unsuspecting consumers.

The makers of these drugs could have protected consumers from serious SJS and TEN injuries by including adequate warnings and information on their labels and packaging. Instead, they chose profits over safety.

Drug makers are responsible for SJS and TEN injuries caused by these products due to their:

  • failure to warn and inform doctors and consumers of the risks of SJS and TEN from use of Children’s Motrin and other Ibuprofen products, and
  • failure to provide information regarding the signs and symptoms of SJS and TEN in their products’ packaging and labels.

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