Public interest law has been a very important part of Feldman & Pinto’s practice over the years. Most of our clients do not have the money to hire a lawyer and have to depend on attorneys who will represent them without charging a fee up front. It is important to us to provide the highest quality professional services to our clients, most of whom have been seriously injured, without concern about their ability to pay. We hope that this evens the playing field between the individual and corporate America.

In 2008, Laura Feldman, of Feldman & Pinto, chaired the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Public Interest Section. The Public Interest Section promotes the interests of the members of the Philadelphia Bar Association who address the legal needs and rights of the poor, minorities, victims of abuse, persons with disabilities, the homeless, and other members of our society who often lack advocates to speak for them. The Public Interest Section provides a forum for new ideas in public interest law, for new directions in volunteer service and for new public-private ventures to benefit disadvantaged populations. It provides continuing legal education to its members and strives to educate and involve the entire bar in issues affecting the public interest.

Through her involvement with the Public Interest Section, Ms. Feldman has become very familiar with the free legal services available to Philadelphians. When there is a need for an attorney to go to court to help protect the client’s rights, the lawyers of Feldman & Pinto are available. By volunteering to help the public interest agencies, they are able to serve more clients and ensure that everyone gets the legal help they need and deserve.